Advanced custom ERP system developed for an important romanian ISP company

This project integrates many modules that offer manegeability in various business fields such as: customer management, invoice management, payment management, organization hierarchy management, reporting (financial reporting, marketing, tehnical reporting), internet provisioning, bandwidth control, VOIP solution, billing VOIP calls, interconnecting telephony networks, customer care (ticketing), internal invoice management, etc.

VOIP accounting solution for an US company

This project included the proprietary VOIP billing solution, using CISCO platform (PGW, AS5300, AS5400) and also SS7 interconnection process with national telephony company. Evox also monitored the process 24/7 assuring the network availability.

Multilevel distributed processing system

This project uses up to 60 servers and follows a special dynamic architecture based on the controller-multiple workers paradigm. In fact it builds a more complex hierarchy of processes spanned across multiple levels. Because of this design the application scales up very well and it is able to process very large amounts of data.

K.RO: First web mail created in Romania in 1998

This web mail was a huge success in his time. It has over 600 000 accounts. It utilizes a unique framework developed by a valued member of our company. Few years ago, before today's web mails were created, a valued member of our company developed a new version for this project. A demo for this will be available soon on our site, or on request.

Web application for internal use of DHL

This application is utilized internally by DHL for it's shipping process.

Web application for a US real estate company

This application offers the posibility of displaying real estate offers with multimedia details and allows users to make offers for the properties they choose. There is more to it, but this is a brief description.

Web application for a US pharmaceutical company

This application allows users to order items, having also prescription management in place. For more information please contact us.

Video conference application with video, audio and text messaging cappability

This application integrates a conferencing module based on Windows Media Server and also a built in user rights management. For more information please contact us.

Radio broadcast studio for FM radio stations

This application allows the replacement of comercial adds on the customer side. For more information please contact us.

Web security management for web communication

Our company offered it's knowledge in this field for multiple companies especially in US. For more information please contact us.

Performance improvment at database level and interface level for an important romanian dinner voucher company

Our company offered it's knowledge in the database architecture, database optimization, SQL scripting optimization. For more information please contact us.

PHP upload meter

This tool was developed by a member of our company. For more information please contact us.